On Sunday 1 April I will be leaving the slowly turning Autumnal Johannesburg days and heading for…

…the relentless heat of the fast approaching Indian Summer, or as I like to call it, my home away from home.

Based for three months in the hill station of Dharamsala – seat of the exiled Tibetan government and home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama – I will take courses in Ayurveda, Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation, and complete a Yoga Teacher Training. Now before I continue, allow me to clear up a few things:

1)   This is not my ‘Eat Pray Love’ – I did not read the book, lost 140 minutes of my life of which I will never get back to the movie, and most importantly, I’m NOT lost!
2)   I’m under no preconceived notion that 200 hours will me a revered yoga teacher make. I am and will continue to be a student of yoga.
3)   Further more, I read this great article on Elephant Journal by Ben Ralston – Why I Do Not Train Yoga Teachers and…Yoga? Dangerous?! – and it reminded me of why it is so important and special to travel to the source.
4)   I’m not expecting to be ‘Enlightened!’
5)   I continue to travel to India because I LOVE it! (Note, not just capital ‘L’ but the whole word) Love the madness, love the food, love the culture, love the people, love the landscape, love it ALL!

For three months I want to immerse myself in both Indian and Tibetan culture, the way of life and the courses that I will be studying.

This blog, in addition to a fun way to journal, is for friends and family who wish to know what I will be learning way up in the Himalayas, and for anyone else who may stumble upon it with interest.

To be continued from an Indian home…