Monday marked the beginning of my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training… all on my own! Yep, I am the only person…

…who made it to this particular teacher training with Aryan.

At first I found this rather intimidating, and if I am going to be honest that is exactly what my first week has been, but actually I’m very fortunate, as traditionally, this is how yoga in India is taught – direct from teacher to student, asana by asana.

However, it has meant that all the attention has been on me. As we work on each asana and the sequence, every single detail of my practice has been pulled apart and corrected. What I have noticed is that while practicing primary series twice a day has been very exhausting I’m injury free, and the way in which I’m performing each asana feels really good and beneficial. So my hope is that armed with all this correct knowledge at a the most granular level, I will be able to return home and begin teaching in a way that truly is Ahimsa.

I’m finally learning to meditate. Whoop! Whoop! Okay let’s re-phrase, I’m learning to sit crossed legged for 30 minutes at a time (albeit with dead legs towards the end). My mind on the other hand has not yet been able to sit still for more than about 5 seconds. But practicing meditation twice a day and pranayama, means that it will get easier. In theory. Or not.

And, I’m finally tackling all those lovely Pantanjali yoga sutras. Although three hours a day of philosophy can leave one a little fragile… but onwards and upwards we go.

That’s it I’m afraid! My days are all yoga, yoga, yoga.

PS: For all my UK friends who affectionately (I hope!) call me princess; yesterday my Ayurvedic teacher called me a ‘delicate darling’ . Bless!