After almost six weeks of taking in the beautiful mountain scenery that has greeted me every morning I finally set off on my first Himalayan trek.

Destination Triund, one of the ridges in the Dhauladhar Himalayas.

A 9 km trip there and back (about 4 hours up and 2 1/2 down), the path began in calm cool forests, slowly working its way up rugged mountain terrain with the final ascent requiring a somewhat elevated heart rate…

My trekking companion was my next door neighbour whose name, Lindsay, I only discovered half way up the mountain – living next door to each other for weeks and we had some how forgotten to properly introduce ourselves.

The first couple of hours were spent happily chatting away, after which, we fell into a comfortable silence. Listening to the sound of our footsteps as we climbed ever higher I was reminded of how connected we are to all that surrounds. But also, amidst the all pervading mountains, our insignificance.

On my previous trip to India I was told: “If it’s peace and quiet that you’re after then don’t come to India. Because you can trek all the way to the top of the Himalayas and there will be a man up there trying to sell you chai.” There were about three actually. And if we count the mid-way chai shop (‘oldest’ apparently – see pic below), then there were in fact four men trying to sell us chai.

The view that met us as we finally reached the top took my breath away, and the pictures below in no way do it justice.

This, my first of what I hope to be many Himalayan treks.

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